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Ich habe gestern diese alten Einträge gefunden. Ja,du hast Recht.

Der Sinn des Lebens

Der Sinn macht einen Menschen aus,wie nur?
Jeder trägt ein Geheimnis mit sich,welches aber nicht versonnen sein sollte.
Ich möchte dies stets in dir tragen lassen.
Das Leben hat einen Sinn?
Ist das wie,Freunde,Familie,viel Geld und Liebe?
Ja oder nein?
Wenn man dies nicht haben kann,was passiert nur?
Jeder einzelne Gedanke überfüllt deine Fröhlichkeit,Besinnung und auch dein ganzes Gehirnsystem.
Für was? Technisierte Gedanken meines Gedichtes? Neu.
Ich werde den Sinn des Lebens nicht verstehen können,auch wenn kleine Andeutungen in mir existieren.


Freunde geben halt,Freunde geben geborgenheit. was wäre,wenn das vorbei geht?
Freunde gehen,Freunde kommen. Fakt.
Sie suchtn sich aus,wen sie wollen,stoßen dennoch die Wahrheit heraus.
Also,Freunde gehen,Freunde kommen.
Umgekehrt? Jeder denkt anders.
Kinder,Jugendliche,Erwachsene,aber mitten im Leben falsche Hoffnungen seines Freundes.
Freudne helfen- Ja! Nur,wenn sie es sehen und keine andere Beschäftigung haben. Freunde geben dir Geborgenheit. Wenn,nur nach ihren Bedürfnissen! Sind denn jetzt Freunde guten des Ganzen?

ich wünschte,ich hätte immer so eine Meinung gehabt. Aber trotzdem danke.

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I've heard the time that it's a new Myu..Higamyu.
I don't know anything about them.
If anyone knows about them ...plkease contact me :)
I'm so busy the time and can't look for it...

Thanks so much !

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Oh...I didn't wrote anything for a long time because I was so busy.
But I forgot that I have written a story about Tenimyu hehe ^^*

It's a story about Aiba and Adachi. They live together in a house and they should meet Yanagi and Endou in a art gallery.
Then they found themselves but Aiba was away.
Suddenly Adachi found a floor behind the toilet. He entered it and...

Yes,that was the background-information ^^

If you are interested you can ask me for more. :)

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Hey !  Officially I will get my certificate in less than 13 days!

Oh...after 10 years I will get my certificate. It was a long time but I passed it! 

Today I had a party in my school and we celebrated it with Games and Battles.

I danced with my friend...at first I didn't want because of my cape. I can't dance with capes! :D
Ok,but then I said : yes and we danced.

Ok,that was my entry here xD

I'm so lazy to write too much! :P
Don't be angry of me! haha~~

See you

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Eeto...I'm the first time there and I must say that i like this site very much!

Ok, I'm TVXQ fan for 3 years..and Visual Kei and jrock Fan for 5 or 6 years...I was so happy....but after 3-6 years I found the actor group : Tenimyu.
At first I watched "Boys love" and also then Saito Takumi and the others.
I loved that movie very much and then I looked for Saito Takumi and found videos of him.

Later then Prince of Tennis Anime + Live action and Musical.
I'm so happy to watch them and surely my old passion,too ! hehe

Espeially I'm Saito Takumi fan but I like all of them! Favourite Members : Saito Takumi , Aiba Hiroki , Yanagi Kotaroh , Sato Takeru , Kenken , Aaraki Hirofume , Kato Kazuki and others !

...sorry for Shirota and Ruito fans....but they aren't so specially for me ^_^*

Ok..I think that was all of my story~

I wish you a nice day

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The last week I was in Turkey for 2 weeks.
It was so nice ...but..my story:

I was in the flight...straight the way to Turkey,if suddenly the songs of mp3 player was deleted. I thought : I'm in hell!
WTF was that? All of my Tenimyu songs were away...!!!
Thanks God I had put four videos of Tenimyu but it wasn't enought for two weeks.
After my vacation I wanted to put the songs again in my MP3 player but it doesn't work. So bad!

Now I brought it to repared it.

Ok,it's not the worst thing but if your are in vacation and your passion disappears or anything different then it's hard for you.

Ok,that was my story ~~~

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